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recently there was a request for a Toecutter pcb, so i made up this version of V1 because i still think that it is probably the best sounding version. it isn't verified, but it is checked in eagle, so it should be good. i hope you guys enjoy it, and be sure to let me know if you get it built!

just a little tip- for a wider variation in the gain control use a larger pot- say 500K.  personally, i like to keep it up around the upper end of the gain range, so 100-250K is usually what i like to go with.  also,  a 100K volume pot will brighten up the sound a bit, and changing the 4K7 resistor to 10K will add more gain, but i think it loses some of it's crunchy magic.


spencerpedals made this great post about The Toecutter over at FSB, i thought i should share it-

"Re: RnFR- The Toecutter
Postby SpencerPedals » Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:42 pm
Finally got around to breadboarding this with some low-leakage pirated germaniums, house numbered so I have no idea exactly what, and it will rattle your fucking skull. I've liked the clip since I heard it, but didn't have a closet full of parts. If anyone's ever heard the stuff from Slow Burn, the tones you get are almost identical. I always test pedals through an old school solid-state Crate and then if nothing explodes, I run them into my Ampeg V4. This thing definitely comes alive in the later (as most do) and with tuning dropped to C, is probably even lethal to small animals. I don't have any pets, so I can't say for sure. Actually I do have a snake and I didn't check, but she may very well have perished. I have V1.1 on the breadboard but with a 500K gain pot from V3 and used Q1 and Q2 in the 80's hFE and Q3 in the 120's. I'll be seasoning to taste over the next few days/weeks and report what I settle with. And if you're not a fan of growly loudness, it actually sounds very sixties fuzz when you turn the gain down and screw with the bias. Not my territory with this one, but versatility is there. More to come."
great stuff! glad to hear he's diggin it!


  1. Anonymous25.2.10

    Many thanks for this!! Should have all parts on hand, so I will build soon and hope for a sonic meltdown.
    Keep rockin' - Bluesdevil

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  3. no problem! enjoy the sludge, and let me know if you get it verified, or have any problems with the build.

  4. Anonymous24.5.10

    I got some GT313A's, but they are 4 pin! Is there any way I can use them for this device?

  5. you sure can. they all have 4 pins. simply clip off the fourth one that isn't in line with the other 3. it's just there so that you can ground the case of the transistor. you don't really need it at all.

  6. Anonymous19.2.11

    I know this is an older post, but I'm really interested in making this pedal. It doesn't seem like those 313s are available anywhere anymore. Are there any alternatives that are easily found nowdays? I'm really looking for a doomy fuzz.

  7. i think you should be able to still get them on ebay. if not, email me at apocalypseaudio(at)gmail and i'll send you a set for a few bucks.

  8. i saw some gt313Vs from orpheus on ebay for 12 bucks plus shipping. i think those should be fine.

  9. also, check out the HFuzz. it does the doom real well.