welcome to Apocalypse Audio, your haven for DIY guitar effects in the end times. so, start prayin to the fuzz gods, savin up those parts, and remember, when the big one goes off- keep your transistors shielded from those pesky electromagnetic pulses!



hey you slags! if anybody is actually reading this thing and getting any enjoyment, please let me know! i mean, even if nobody read it, i'd still do it for my own sake, but it sure would be nice to know that someone is getting something worth while out of this. if there is anything you'd like to see more of, bring forth your brainiac-size ideas, and i'll take them into consideration. you can also sign up to become an official follower on the lower right as well.

or maybe i'm the only one left on the planet...... just me and my robot.


  1. Hey fella,

    Hi from Melbourne, Australia.

    I'm here, found you recently via the Klon project - haven't built one yet but am in the process of getting parts together.

    Keep it up.

    Love what you're doing.


  2. Anonymous23.2.10

    Hey, I'm "bluesdevil" over at DIYstompboxes.
    I like what you're doing, don't get discouraged!! I think there's so much going on in the forums at such a fast rate the blogs just don't get the attention they deserve.
    I want to build your "Toecutter" but couldn't find the pcb. Also the "Green Bomb" looks interesting too since I'm gearing up for a Mosrite fuzz build. Keep it up-Bluesdevil

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  4. thanks guys! it means a lot to hear that someone besides me is getting some enjoyment out of all of this. i really like the blog as a simple way to record all of the ideas and things of note that i come across, but i am really glad that people are actually taking the time to check it out as well.

    btw- are you the graham with that massive collection? if so, thanks for all of the great shots!

    and bluesdevil, if you are going to build a fuzzrite, i would definitely give the Green Bomb a try. it does everything i wanted the fuzzrite to do that it wasn't previously up to. more gain, more output, more tonal variations. check the latest post for a new toecutter layout as well!

    thanks again!

  5. Hi, I'm doing the same as you, recording my DIY moves into a blog. It is in Spanish as I am from Spain.

    I need to spend some more time in your blog to take some ideas.

    Good luck with your builds

  6. very cool! feel free to link to the blog so i can check it out. thanks for commenting, and Spain is a beautiful country! i had a great time when i was there.

  7. aahhh... i found your blog through your link. looking forward to checking it out.

  8. I read semi-regularly, and enjoy a bunch. I'm in Eugene, Oregon

  9. cool! i just found the silver currant blog through your profile, and am looking forward to checking out the Heavy Riff comp. it looks awesome! i take it the blog has something to do with howlin rain?

  10. holy fuzz freakout on a stick! i just saw that Heavy Riff Comp No 1 was made by my ex-roomie Steve "Plastic Crimewave" Krakow! what a small world. i've actually got his Apocalypse Audio #000 Buzzaround fuzz in for repairs right now! i rewired the whole thing and put a new switch in the fucker. he's been using in Plastic Crimewave Sound now for a while. i'll try and get some pics up of it if i can find them. how crazy- what a small world we live in.

  11. Anonymous12.3.10

    Hey RNFR, it's JohnnyG off FSB - I check out your page man! I haven't bothered bookmarking a lot of other places - I just find them from the links you kindly put up here! ;o) I also just ordered the bits I needed to put together your Green Bomb - I'm very curious how nasty this thing can get! Take it easy dude!

  12. great to hear it johnny! let me know how you like the green bomb. there are definitely a lot of cool psych-type tones to be had. if you have any questions regarding your build, just ask!

  13. Anonymous2.4.10

    I'm entertained! I've just recently gotten into building FX and can't wait to piss off the neighbors with the toe cutter!!!

  14. Anonymous7.2.11

    I did my first mod tonight!!! Ok it was the Bluebox C11 mod i.e. Clip one wire but for me it was an achievement! Muff Mods next! I wondered about a Metalzone mod but it's not worth the effort imho! Lol! After Mods Diy Fuzz Kit and after that Something utterly Mental! Lol! So yes I get a LOT of advice from you,Thanks!!!

  15. very cool, guys! this is definitely the most enjoyable, exciting, and highly addictive hobby I've ever gotten into(besides actually playing guitar), and its very easy for it to become an obsession! pretty soon you'll both end up penniless, alone, and doomed to a life of an exhaustive search for something that can never be found- but at least you'll be extremely loud and fuzzed out! I guarantee it! off to work on a new fuzz! /m/

  16. Anonymous15.4.11

    i like this blog!