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the dba fuzz war got re'd a ways back on freestomp, and some requested a vero layout for it. since i've been trying my hand at the strip layouts lately i thought i'd give it a shot. it's a pretty cool sounding fuzz from the clips that i've heard, extremely thick and nasty. the internal drive control was brought outboard for an extra control, and i added some power filtering as well as deleting some components that weren't being used. you can check out the thread on this unorthodox fuzz design HERE.

the main gain stages in the fuzz war use transistors that are reversed in orientation from the way they would normally be. by placing them backwards, you can take advantage of what is called the reverse beta of the transistor. this is basically how much gain a particular tranny has when it is reversed. check out more in jack orman's article HERE.



  1. Anonymous16.5.10

    Hey, I'm new to building and trying to order all the last of what I need to make this. I'm just wondering if you could tell me the size of the circuit board required to make this so I can order it?

  2. honestly, i'm not sure if i would start with this build. i would go for something simpler. this thing is very quirky, and hard to bias right, not to mention this is an unverified layout that i did for somebody, and i'm not even sure if it works. if you read the thread at FSB you will get the whole scoop. there is another layout there that is verified as well. if you want something similar to this, i can probably think of something that will get you close, but i would try something nice and simple to start- there is a lot that can go wrong in your first build.

  3. try the soda meiser. that is a simple fuzz that sounds great.

  4. Anonymous17.5.10

    Thanks! Yeah I found a schematic elsewhere, but I can't remember where, looked pretty much the same from what I can tell. I do want to make this one though some time down the line. Love Death By Audio!

  5. here is the soda meiser url. there is a verified stripboard layout there as well.


  6. Anonymous29.9.11

    I've tried this one but I can't get it to work.

    Mainly, I think at least, because I can't figure out where the "in" should go on the board?

    Other than that, everything should be wired up correctly.

    Woul be very greatful for some help!


  7. the IN is the second strip from the top on the left hand side. not the best place for it as it is next to the power rail. honestly, this layout should really be pulled. Im not aware of anyone that got it to work. the best thing to do would be to follow the thread over at freestompboxes.org. someone is currently tracing the new 4 transistor version. sorry for the problems. I'm going to remove the layout later today. if you still want to try and get it to work, save a copy for yourself. once again, sorry for your trouble. I should have taken this down long ago.

  8. Anonymous1.10.11

    No problem! I think I'm gonna rebuild it to an octaveclang instead :) I appreciate that people actually share these schems. No ones perfect!

  9. i traced my own 4-can version. turns out its a muff with tweaks. schematic is in the instruction pdf for my kit (RAW fuzz):


  10. I´m building my second pedal and i am very new on this. I have couple of Questions about the pots:

    Drive, Tone 100KB: http://www.taydaelectronics.com/100k-ohm-linear-dual-taper-potentiometer.html (is this right one??)

    Volume, 1MB. http://www.taydaelectronics.com/1m-ohm-linear-taper-potentiometer-round-knurled-plastic-shaft-pcb-9mm.html

    Volume 2 To out: http://www.taydaelectronics.com/100k-ohm-linear-taper-potentiometer-round-shaft-pcb-mount.html

    I would appreciate all help...