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pot codes

the legendary Joe Gagan found this info on a vintage radio site. I thought it was definitely worth reposting. thanks, Joe!

found this info at an old radio parts site.
this info may apply to pots made between 1930s through 60s, possibly into 70s and 80s. use the following at your own risk:

       Z = audio taper
       S = linear taper
       V = c bias taper (right hand taper)
       T = ant. & c bias taper
       U = left hand ant. & c bias taper
       W = left hand taper
       L = left hand taper
       N = left hand taper (screen grid, regen, phono pickup)
       Y = audio shunt & AVC when taper desired

       Tapers: Z = Audio Taper, S = Linear Taper


       IRC POTS: I have some "B" elements (like "Q")
       than can be used in custom pots - inquire
       They can also be used to make gang controls
       but I have no time or knowledge to make any
       complicated controls

       IRC TAPERS:
       13 = audio
       11 = linear
       14 = reverse taper
       17 = special or tone audio
       18 = special or tone audio
       19 = special or tone audio

       Most of the IRC pots with taps are for
       use in volume and tone audio circuits

       Example: Q13-137 is a audio taper pot
       Example: Q11-137 is a linear taper pot.


       Allen Bradley (Ohmite) tapers:
       U = linear
       J = taper (such as audio)
       A = unknown taper


       CENTRALAB / CRL tapers:
       6 = audio taper
       1 = linear
       2 = right hand taper
       3 = taper both ends
       4 = short taper, left end
       C1 = linear taper
       C2 = audio taper
       C3 = reverse audio taper
       C4 = audio taper - modified log 20% center,left hand
       C5 = reverse audio - modified log 20% center, right hand
       C6 = semi linear taper modified log 40%, volume, ant. shunt, c bias
       C7 = semi linear taper
       C11 to C17 = volume with tone comp.

       #1 = audio taper
       #2 = logrithmic right hand taper
       #3 = left/right taper (ant., Shunt & Bias Circuits)
       #4 = linear taper

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