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hey if anyone is out there, sorry it's been so long.  been kinda denying the blog love lately, hope to get back into it with some cool stuff to add.

here is a little italian fuzz circuit that i thought looked interesting.  it's from the montarbo pb-2 fuzz/phaser combo pedal. i like the negative feedback diode configuration.  at first it looks a bit like a muff, but there are some differences when you look closer.  you can see that the diode loops are separated by capacitors effectively isolating them from the DC that is used to bias the transistors, where as in the big muff, the diodes have their own dedicated blocking caps, filtering the frequencies to be clipped.  also, there is a 47K resistor to ground on the first tranny's diodes that may introduce some harsher clipping by pulling the diodes closer to earth.  it looks like a fun little way to adjust clipping, and i plan on giving it a shot in the future.  if anything cool comes of it, i'll be sure to let you know on the blog.



  1. I have a PB2...it sounds so creamy..... so wonderful, however after wha it destroy it...

  2. would you be so kind to send me the entire schematic (with phase stage as well) of the PB2? thank you!!! . alchimiemed@hotmail.com