welcome to Apocalypse Audio, your haven for DIY guitar effects in the end times. so, start prayin to the fuzz gods, savin up those parts, and remember, when the big one goes off- keep your transistors shielded from those pesky electromagnetic pulses!


Fuzz for the People!

HERE is a link to my compilation of eastern european diy and production fuzz boxes. there are some interesting designs, and a lot of original ways of doing things. i find it intriguing what rock and rollers and engineers on the other side of the iron curtain came up with in isolation. the build quality was spectacular in many of the production pedals, because the electronic parts that they used were military spec made for soviet war machines.
talk about over spec'd? how bout an A-bomb.
ahh, i can see it now- just the roaches and the fuzz...

also HERE is a great site with many Russian fuzz pedals posted. also tons of freaky guitars!

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